UI/UX Design


My Role:
Mobile App & Design System
a cell phone sitting on top of a table


Meditory is an application that guides you through a multisensory journey of Health and Well-being, using an innovative approach based on acupressure

We embarked on a journey to reshape the functional aspects and visual identity of the brand, testing the flows with users at an organized event, with the goal of crafting an experience that was not only flawless but also utterly captivating.
three iphones showing different screens of the same devicea woman with dreadlocks holding a coffee cup
a cell phone with a program on the screena woman in a blue top poses for a picture
a woman walking down a street past a billboard
a man standing in the woods talking on a cell phonea screen shot of a web page with a bunch of different things on it
a woman with dreadlocks looking at a cell phonethree smartphones displaying different time zonestwo iphones showing the time and date of each event

Light & Dark Mode

We set up two different modes in Figma using its variants feature, enabling both light and dark modes and allowing us to switch between them with just one click
a screenshot of a web page with a black backgrounda collage of photos of a cell phonea person holding a tablet in their right hand