Driven by a simple mission to design products that impact people's lives

How i work

I love organizing even the simplest things, while leaving room for creativity and craziness that make everything in life, including visual design, truly exceptional.

Paolo Baronio in front of a camera holding a microphone


UI/UX Design
Digital Design (UI)
User Experience (UX)
Product Design
Design Thinking
Design System
DTC Landing Page Design
Front-end Development


Jun 2018 - Present
Freelance Business
UI/UX Design & Webflow Developer
Sep 2022 - Nov 2023
UI/UX Design
Apr 2023
Gummy Industries
Freelance Collaboration
Jun 2018 - Present
Freelance Business
UI/UX Design & Webflow Developer

About me

I'm Paolo Baronio, a 26-year-old Italian designer, specializing in UI/UX design, design systems, digital product design, and Webflow development

I seamlessly integrate my design expertise with my front-end development skills, gained from my university journey.
This complementary blend of creativity and technical know-how offers a unique advantage, enabling me to design with an in-depth understanding of code and to develop with a designer's perspective.


Mar 2021- Present
I worked as freelance UX/UI Designer & Webflow Developer since 2021 collaborating with design studios and start-up like working on project for:

Mondadori, Lavazza, Medici Senza Frontiere, Talent Gardern, Gummy Industries, Fightbean, Feedel Ventures, Innovazione Agency, Creative Room, Up2You, Smartpricing, Flerworld, Easysea, Smanapp, La Via Gentile, Ewo and Tourscanner and more.