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Web Design & Webflow Development


Up2You is a solutions to enable every company to reduce its environmental impact with a guided path by harnessing the power of technology.

I partnered with the up2you team for several months on a range of projects, fulfilling roles as both a UI/UX designer and a Webflow developer.I designed various landing pages and sections of the website while seamlessly integrating a framework within Webflow, enhancing the site's performance and ensuring its scalability for the future.
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Style System

With Up2You, we've taken a strategic step forward in our web development journey by implementing a robust style system. Drawing inspiration from best practices in the digital sphere, such as those championed by Finsweet's client-first approach, we've established a consistent, scalable, and efficient design language. This not only streamlines our workflow but also ensures that our site offers a cohesive user experience, with seamless transitions and a harmonized visual presentation.